Who are they ?


It is a small world after all. Globalization is that great process that started perhaps with Mr. Marco Polo, but has since regained its prestige after a short stint of protectionism following the great depression. It sure is great, isn’t it? I mean who doesn’t like globalization?

Well a bunch of hippies in Seattle, lay-abouts and activists without focus, but they hardly count. If you’re down with the Red, White and Blue, you have to be down with the N-A-F-T-A; if you ask me. This is something that transcends partisan politics; I mean it was that crazy, high hippy president Clinton that finally put together full integration of North America. Globalization puts the “free” in “freedom”; and if you don’t feel good about that, go back to the Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot. Although, I have noticed before in my life that sometimes things are a little more complicated than they may first appear.

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